I am a Nationally Certified Guardian through the National Guardianship Association (NGA) and the Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC).  To acquire certification one must pass a certification test.  To maintain certification one must submit continuing education credits every two years.  Minnesota does not require a certification for guardianship, but I chose to obtain certification to maintain a higher standard of practice.  If you do not choose my services try to find someone who has taken the effort to obtain this this certification.

Support Planner Certified

I have obtained the Support Planner Certification with the state of Minnesota.  This certification is required by the state to provide support planner services for individuals who use CDCS.  A support planner assists individuals in writing their annual care plan and budget for services using CDCS.  

Person-Centered Trained

I have obtained Person-Centered Training through the University of Minnesota.  Minnesota law now requires all services, programs, and the like to be practicing person-centered thinking.  Person-centered thinking refers to the expectation that services provided to individuals is tailored to and will support their specific choices and needs so they can have control over the life they desire, be a recognized and valued part of a community, have a variety of support systems/relationships, and can achieve their personal goals.  All individuals with disabilities and their families should expect a person-centered approach will all of their services and nothing less.  

Masters in Science Degree in Psychology and Behavior Analysis

My formal education is not required for any of my services but it certainly allows me to do my job better and should give you all the more confidence in my expertise.  My formal education in psychology and behavior analysis helps to understand various aspects of the individual, to be able to work with families and professionals, to be able to understand complex content and situations, to be able to comprehend diagnoses, treatment plans, and the like, as well as, being able to advocate for goals, plans, strategies, etc. that will assist person-centered planning and really customize for each individual.

Passed New Background Check 

I have passed the new background check system.  This new system in Minnesota requires a fingerprint and photo identification in addition to the other requirements.  This new system has no expiration, which means it checks daily--so that the system will know instantly if a person's identity is tagged with an infraction.  In the past, the system had expiration/renewal processes, so infractions could go undetected until the renewal.


I am bondable, which means an insurance company will provide the bonding insurance often required in court orders involving finances; such as conservatorship and trustee.  The insurance company does their own background checks in deciding if they will bond someone.  The individual cannot have any questionable history, especially in regards to finances.

Member of NGA and MAGiC

I am a member of the National Guardianship  Association and Minnesota Association of Guardians and Conservators.  This is to support the field of fiduciaries in promoting and maintaining a higher standard of practice.  I also choose to be a member of these organizations to keep up with current policies in the field to maintain my own integrity of higher standards in practice.

PCA Certified

I am PCA certified with the Department of Human Services in Minnesota.  This certification requires passing a test and background check with the state of MN.  This certification allows me the freedom to go along with clients when needed without having to rely on staff input alone.

Other Relevant Qualifying facts

I have spent over 20 years working with the school system and county systems so I am very familiar with these entities.  I spent many yeaars modifying curriculum, writing goals, providing training, advocating, consulting, etc. 

Highlights of my personal and professional knowledge include, but not limited to: all aspects of autism, neurological disorders, language deficits, non-verbal language, assistive technology, behavior strategies, visual learning strategies, and neuroscience specifically in the areas of cognitive processing.  


I have taught seminars about autism, assistive technology, non-verbal language, behavior strategies, and more.  I have run support groups and participated in them as well.  I have been a Special Olympics coach and stay involved in volunteering in various events/activities for people with disabilities and their families.

I have many years experience with using assistive technology and other strategies it to benefit the individual in learning new skills and as a solution to compensate for weaknesses and support independent living skills.

I am a published author of a research study I conducted on the use of assistive technology in improving verbal behavior in non-verbal teens with severe autism.

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