PLAID Professional Services provides services to people with disabilities that promote person-centered living, independence, and positive quality of life.  We provide competent services and aim to be exceptional in this field.  You can count on us to advocate for your loved one as we would our own.

Tammi Boedigheimer

Who am I and why should you choose me as your professional? 

I am like you!  I have adult "children" with disabilities so I understand the need for choosing a professional that will give my loved one the best services possible and how difficult it is to choose someone for such an important role in your loved one's life.  I get it.  You want someone who you can trust with your loved one's well-being, finances, and/or planning for services and will treat them with the highest standard of care.  You want someone who will do the job as well as you but, preferable, one who can do a better job than you could!  I know this because that is exactly what I would want if I had to choose someone to take my place in looking out for my own children--I know I am the best person for the job (the family member usually is) but if I had to choose someone I would want them to be even better at it that I am.  That  high standard is exactly who I am for my own children!  I am not "just a parent/guardian" I went beyond that and obtained certification so I am the best possible guardian/professional I can be for my kids because they deserve it--so I continue to strive to excel and be as competent as possible because my kids deserve nothing less--and neither do your loved ones!

I have been advocating and providing these sort of services for my children for over 20 years.  As a parent, you have to do all of this for your minor children but, in reality, some parents are better at it than others.  I happen to be one of those exceptional parents who just had the skill set and abilities to do the best job my kids needed.  My personal experiences are a benefit in understanding the family's role and struggles in supporting their loved one, as well as, the need to be able to work with teams of professionals to serve that person best.  In other words, I am not just your average parent who raised children with disabilities, therefore, your loved one will benefit from that experience.

My educational knowledge just makes me all the more capable than the typical professional.  I have formal degrees that are certainly relevant but in addition to that, I have learned knowledge that cannot be taught--it must be experienced.  I also had to teach myself over many years so my kids could improve and so I could effectively advocate for them.  I made sure I fully understood every aspect so I was the best "me" in whatever role I had to play.  I happen to have the ability to learn, retain, and apply all of that information.  That has served me well over the years and continues to in many ways.  So, my formal education and learned knowledge from experience sets me apart from your typical educated professional and your typical parent.  

I decided to serve people with disabilities professionally in this way because I learned first-hand how important it is for people with disabilities to have a capable and effective advocate to speak for them so they truly have a person-centered plan that will support continued progress and lead to independence and the best quality of life possible.  I also learned it is not an easy job to do and not everyone has the skills and abilities to do this for a loved one.   Since I have both personal experience and knowledge along with a passion for ensuring quality professionals provide these services, I decided I want other people with disabilities to benefit from my expertise.  

I do this for my children and consider it a privilege to do the same for your loved one!  

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