Our Vision...

What We Believe...

People with disabilities deserve quality care and qualified professionals to serve them

Who We Are...

PLAID Professional Services is a provider of highly qualified fiduciary and professional services

Who We Serve...

We serve people with disabilities, vulnerable people, and their families

What We Do...

We provide professional fiduciary services, support planning, and consulting/advocating services.

What We Value...

Integrity, Higher Standard of Care, Quality Living, Person-centered Planning, and each PERSON we serve.



PLAID Professional Services provides three types of professional services for people with disabilities: Fiduciary Services-- including Guardianship, Conservatorship, Rep Payee, Trustee; Support Planning; and Consulting


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I serve people with disabilities.  My background favors people with developmental disabilities, Autism, neurological disorders, and Brain Injury but my expertise can work for other clients as well.  


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Fiduciary Services
Support Planning
Rep Payee


PLAID Professional Services provides services to people with disabilities in the areas of fiduciary, support planning and consulting/advocacy.  We strive for excellence when to providing services to vulnerable people. 

Why choose PLAID? 

When you choose PLAID Professional Services you are choosing me, Tammi Boedigheimer -- the owner, as YOUR professional. My qualifications put me above the typical professional which can give you confidence in my competency when serving you.  In addition, my personal experiences gives me a unique set of skills and abilities that sets me apart from others and makes me an exceptional choice. 


Vulnerable people deserve competent and qualified professionals and I am certainly an example of those high standards of care.  I have over 20 years experience advocating for and teaching my children who have special needs.  I have shared my knowledge in many ways to support others, such as being a speaker, teaching classes, helping with assistive technology, volunteering with Special Olympics, etc.  Much of my experience involves people with autism, developmental delays, cognitive delays, neurological disorders, language delays, brain injury, and learning difficulties and those who serve these individuals.  My education in psychology, behavior analysis, and neuroscience are valuable assets in my ability to understand the complexities involved with individuals with such challenges to be able to effectively advocate and make decisions that will promote and ensure a person's potential is realized and the highest quality of life is achieved.  My personal experiences have given me a skill set to work with teams of people in various entities including educators, school systems, county professionals, state services, Social Security processes, and working with teams of professionals in planning for the individual.  I understand first-hand that the person-centered approach and individualization is needed when planning for success.  Once my kids needed guardianship, I saw how my expertise is a valuable asset that is much needed for many vulnerable people.  It was then that I decided to offer my services as a professional fiduciary so others could benefit from my expertise and to be a model of excellence in this profession. 

I provide fiduciary services but because I maintain a higher standard of care, I will ask to meet the clients first to see if they feel I am the right fit for them and that I believe I am the right fit to provide the services they need and desire.  It is a team effort from the beginning!  

I have also served as a consultant/advocate in various ways:  to assist in school planning, to develop assistive technology strategies for children with disabilities, to help families with their plans to support their children, as a speaker at conferences, seminars, and support groups, etc. so if you think I may be able to assist you, contact me and see if I can meet your needs. 

Recently, I was asked to consider being a support planner.  Support planners write individual budget plans for county services.  Support planning falls in line with my view on the need for qualified professionals to ensure the best quality of life for people with disabilities.  So, I decide to obtain the certification to provide this service as well. 


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